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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Smollett case just got a bit uglier..... 551
  2. Trump declares national emergency over wall 455
  3. White House Announces 234-Mile Construction Of The Border Wall 329
  4. Female Florida Politician Licks Mens Faces While Groping Them - Not A Criminal Act Apparently. 326
  5. BREAKING: Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Sources Say 263
  6. Shamima Begum Who Left The UK To Join ISIS Is To Be Stripped Of Her U.K. Citizenship 259
  7. This months Newham mag has gays and drag queens teaching little boys and girls 256
  8. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon's 3 Billion Dollar Tax Break 241
  9. Possible Connection of Senators BOOKER and HARRIS to the SMOLLETT Lynching Hoax. 235
  10. The Latest: Smollett charged with filing false police report 207

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -XV- 145
  2. Deceptive editing and lies used to smear Maga hat wearing teens as racist 128
  3. Trump prevents Pelosis overseas trip to Europe by restricting using US assets to fly hour before lea 113
  4. **BREAKING** Trump just trolled the Dems & @AOC in epic fashion. Brilliant! 105
  5. Trans Activism and "Gender Affirmation" is Breaking Our Kids 100
  6. My run for Congress 98
  7. Screw you nancy 97
  8. Illegal Alien Murders 4 People in my Area 96
  9. Nellie Ohr Just CONFESSED What He Did With Mueller He’s DONE! 89
  10. Autopsy of a Dead Coup 86
  11. 35 Times FBI “Deviated Standard Practice”/Committed Crimes to Exonerate Hilary/Indict Trump 82
  12. OMG... it all makes sense now. 80
  13. Exellent UFO footage out of Utah taken in 2016 just now posted Clear What do you think ATS? 78
  14. Former Democrat Claims Democrat Party Being Paid Millions by Cartels 78
  15. Celebrities and Hollywood are Being Controlled by MKULTRA/Mind Control programs 77
  16. Media Picked On The Wrong Kid...Sandmann Family Hires Attorney Who Represented Burke Ramsey 77
  17. MAGA hat teens lawyer sends letters to 54 Political & MSM entities for potential lawsuits. 77
  18. The Dyatlov pass case has been reopened-high strangeness at it's best 76
  19. BREAKING : Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed article today 75
  20. So, someone dug up the Virginia abortion governor's yearbook... 75

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